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Grappa Riserva Non filtrata di Barbera Antica Distilleria di Altavilla 7 Anni

Grappa Riserva Non filtrata di Barbera Antica Distilleria di Altavilla 7 Anni

Antica Distilleria di Altavilla

Grappa Riserva Non Filtrata is an unfiltered spirit made with Barbera, by Antica Distilleria di Altavilla. It is aged for 7 years in chestnut and oak barrels. It is a rich, dry and intense spirit, with a spicy and smoky aromatic profile and a warm and persistent taste

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Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle


7 years in small chestnut and oak barrels


Antica Distilleria di Altavilla's Grappa Riserva di Barbera 7 Anni Non Filtrata is a distillate that offers itself to the palate with a beautiful ease of drinking, without, however, hiding its decisive and never submissive character. Such personality undoubtedly derives from the period of rest spent in wood, a time when the Grappa increases the scope of its olfactory range thanks to those tertiary aromas that are ceded to it precisely by contact with the barrels. A bottle that confirms the blazon of a reality that, through the work of six generations, has written and continues to trace important pages in the history of Italian distillation.

Antica Distilleria di Altavilla 7 Anni Unfiltered Barbera Reserve Grappa originates from the fresh pomace of the Barbera grape variety, grown within the Monferrato and Astigiano areas of Piedmont, areas particularly suited for this varietal. The processing of the pomace is included in a "narrow" time period, more precisely between October and November, so that it is still full of fragrance. Distillation is carried out using copper stills powered by boilers and steam, which operate by the discontinuous low-pressure method. After processing is complete, the Grappa is transferred to oak and chestnut barrels, where it remains to mature for 7 years, after which it is bottled without any filtration.

Antica Distilleria di Altavilla's 7 Anni Barbera Riserva Unfiltered Grappa announces itself to the eye with an amber color endowed with good intensity. Broad and generous on the nose, where dried fruit is tinged with olfactory nuances reminiscent of vanilla and toasted wood. It enters the palate with an energetic bite, characterized by dry and slightly smoky taste, which closes the tasting by offering a long finish. A distillate with an elegant profile, perfect for spending evenings in the company of friends.


Intense amber


Rich, dry, intense and smoky, with a good persistence


Rich and intense, with notes of dried fruits, sweet spices and toasted smoky noble woods