Guarnaccino Nero

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'Pimi' Rosso Le Quattro Volte 2020 'Pimi' Rosso Le Quattro Volte 2020
Le Quattro Volte
Calabria (Italy)
Grape varieties
Guarnaccino Nero 100%
Bottle size
75 cl Bottle
Pimi is a Calabrian red wine with a Mediterranean and expressive character made from Guarnaccino Nero grapes, aged briefly in wooden barrels. The nose is undoubtedly the most intense and enveloping of Le Quattro Volte wines: the Calabrian earth with its rich Mediterranean scrub is intertwined with sea breezes, aromas of licorice, spicy spices, carob and a battery rich in ripe red fruit. It perfectly combines matter and freshness, letting out a delicate tannin and a dynamic, straight and sunny texture. 
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