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Hard Seltzer Limone e Bergamotto Roy's Club (12x275ml)

Hard Seltzer Limone e Bergamotto Roy's Club (12x275ml)

Roy's Club

The Hard Seltzer 'Lemon and Bergamot' is a unique product that fills the palate with a pleasant, citrusy and lively feeling. The flavours of lemon and bergamot come to the fore and provide a tart and sour feeling. Ideal to enjoy neat with ice as a refreshing drink for summer or to mix classic and modern cocktails




Alcohol content

4.5 %


27.5 cl Bottle


Roy's Club Lemon and Bergamot Hard Seltzer is the first beverage of its kind created by the Italian brand Roy's Club. The choice of ingredients, namely lemon and bergamot, stems from the desire to produce a hard seltzer with pronounced fresh and citrusy sensations, almost sharp, perfect for quenching one's thirst. What sets hard seltzers apart is their great versatility low alcohol, and calorie content, making them a valid alternative to more traditional alcoholic beverages.

Roy's Club Lemon and Bergamot Hard Seltzer is crafted from water, cereal distillate, sugar, and citric acid, adding natural lemon and bergamot flavour. Specifically, the lemon contributes a tart and acidic sensation that balances with the distinctive aromas of bergamot. The water used is carbonated, providing a light and pleasant effervescence that enhances the drinkability of this hard seltzer. The cereal distillate imparts a low alcohol content of 4.5% by volume. Finally, sugar and citric acid work together to create a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness, which is the hallmark of this product. All bottles of Roy's Club are marketed in numbered series.

Roy's Club Lemon and Bergamot Hard Seltzer has a transparent and crystalline appearance with a light and persistent effervescence. The aroma expresses distinctive citrusy scents of lemon and bergamot, sensations that are also found on the palate where sweetness and acidity coexist in harmony. It is recommended to enjoy this hard seltzer chilled on its own as a refreshing beverage or to use it to add liveliness to cocktails.


Crystalline with delicate and evanescent bubbles


Fresh, acidic, lively and persistent


Intense citrus scents and pleasant sour and citrine sensations