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Malvasia di Bosa Dolce 'Alvarega' Columbu 2022 - 50cl

Malvasia di Bosa Dolce 'Alvarega' Columbu 2022 - 50cl

Columbu Giovanni Battista

The Malvasia di Bosa Dolce "Alvarega" is a sweet wine, rich in fruity and floral notes, vinified and aged in steel. It exudes fresh and pleasant aromas played on primary aromas and envelops the palate with softness and good freshness, with a swirl of sweet and fruity notes 




Malvasia di Bosa DOC


Malvasia di Sardegna 100%


Alcohol content

15 %


50 cl Bottle


In steel tanks with natural yeasts


8 months on the lees in steel tanks

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites



Columbu's Alvarega is a splendid blend of aromaticity and sweetness, brought as a dowry from Malvasia and a spraying freshness that enlivens the sip. Giovanni Battista Columbu was one of the protagonists of the documentary Mondovino, filmed by Jonathan Nossiter, in which the life stories of a number of small-scale artisanal winemakers were traced. It was a love story not only about Bosa, a Sardinian town in the province of Oristano but also about his wife, whom he met locally. In 1992 the first edition of the splendid oxidative version of Malvasia di Bosa was released, while in 2003, the sweet vinified Alvarega made its debut. Deep bottles, telling a territory and deep-rooted history. Exciting.

Alvarega wine comes from pure Malvasia di Sardegna grapes. The Columbu family's approach has always been to respect nature and its fruits, a mentality inherent in the farming culture. In the vineyard, no chemical or synthetic products are contemplated, and after manual harvesting of the grapes with careful sorting of the best berries, the bunches are brought to the winery for the start of spontaneous fermentation in steel containers. Bottling takes place in March following the harvest, with further ageing in the glass before release.

Malvasia di Bosa Alvarega slowly descends into the glass in its intense yellow guise, edged with golden highlights. It gently envelops those who approach it, right from the first olfaction, with notes of toasted almond, orange peel and chamomile. Gentle mode, for a liquid that reveals little by little a new part of itself. The taste is splendid for its cohesion and for its ability to never be cloying, as the slight sweetness is perfectly integrated into a framework where it is the savoriness that drives the sip. Masterful interpretation. Crocheted embroidery.


Straw yellow with golden reflections


Delicately sweet, nice freshness, warm, elegant, harmonious and beautiful persistence


Intense notes of fruit and flowers, with a finish of dried fruit