Melon à Queue Rouge

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Melon 'Rouge Queues' Tony Bornard 2015 Melon 'Rouge Queues' Tony Bornard 2015
Tony Bornard
Jura (France)
Grape varieties
Melon à Queue Rouge 100%
Bottle size
75 cl Bottle
The Melon "Rouge Queue" by Tony Bornard is a special white wine, produced by the whimsical Tony in the vocated area of Pupillin, Jura. The Melon-Queue-Rouge, which has nothing to do with the more famous Melon de Bourgogne, is an ancient variety related to the Chardonnay, typical of this mountain area of France. The strong freshness is well matched by the citrus aromas on the nose, accompanied by floral hints and slight oxidative notes of hazelnut. Complex to the nose, complex to the taste: full-bodied, very juicy, sharp but really balanced. It is a very versatile, excellent with both cheese and meat, to try with intense fish main dishes
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