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Mezcal Artesanal Joven Espadin Rey Campero

Mezcal Artesanal Joven Espadin Rey Campero

Rey Campero

Rey Campero's Mezcal Artesanal Joven Espadin is a distillate of the highest quality Agave Espadin, produced in a small town in the southern highlands of Oaxaca. After cooking the hearts of the agave, they are ground, fermented and distilled through an artisanal process conducted in accordance with family tradition. The scents perceived on the nose take you back to the palenques, with smoky and earthy aromas, bitter notes, hints of anise and lime, and a mineral and spicy palate.




Alcohol content

48 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Mexican production company Rey Campero - Distilleria Sanchez presents its Mezcal Artesanal Joven Espadin, a spirit made from Espadin agave that stands out for its characteristic balsamic, smoky, and earthy aroma. We are in the state of Oaxaca, specifically in the small town of Candelaria Yegolé, where the tradition in mezcal production is passed down from generation to generation. Over the years, the distillery has created several nurseries for the cultivation of native agave varieties, many of which are at risk of extinction. Among the agave varieties, the most widespread in Oaxaca is Espadin, used to make this label, which at maturity reaches 1.5 meters in width and one meter in height.

Rey Campero - Distilleria Sanchez's Mezcal Artesanal Joven Espadin is made from Espadin agave grown on fertile land in the state of Oaxaca. Once the agave has reached the right stage of maturity, the heart of the plant, locally called piña, is cut. The heart is then cooked in a conical oven dug into the ground and crushed using a stone mill. The resulting juice undergoes spontaneous alcoholic fermentation thanks to indigenous yeasts, and the fermented juice is then double-distilled in copper stills. As it is a Joven mezcal, there is no aging phase.

Rey Campero - Distilleria Sanchez Mezcal Artesenal Espadin Joven has a clear and transparent appearance. The nose is composed of smoky and earthy aromas, combined with notes of lime and balsamic descriptors of anise and fennel. The taste is mineral and persistent, with a pleasant pungent spiciness.


Crystalline, transparent


Mineral, spaced, pungent and persistent


Smoky and earthy scents, notes of anise and lime with hints of wild fennel