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Moscato Secco Frizzante 'Wai' Tenuta Belvedere 2021

Moscato Secco Frizzante 'Wai' Tenuta Belvedere 2021

Tenuta Belvedere

Tenuta Belvedere's Moscato Secco Frizzante 'Wai' is a Lombardy sparkling wine of great simplicity and excellent drinkability, perfect to accompany aperitifs and carefree moments. It is made from pure grapes of the same name, carefully selected by hand and re-fermented in the bottle according to the Ancestrale Method. The straw yellow colour with brilliant reflections illuminates the glass while aromas of yellow-fleshed fruit and white flowers flood the nose, the palate instead enjoys a fresh, agile, carefree and lively sip

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Provincia di Pavia IGT


Moscato 100%

Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel with indigenous yeasts and re-fermentation in the bottle according to the ancestral method

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Tenuta Belvere's Moscato Secco Frizzante is a pleasant and fresh refermented wine from Oltrepò that belongs to the "Wai" line, a series of simple and drinkable sparkling wines with a strong territorial imprint. Gianluca Cabrini, known as "Il Conte," is the owner of this small artisanal business located in the rolling hills of Montacalvo Versiggia in the province of Pavia. In 2013 he decided to acquire an old farm and renovate it, immediately imposing his natural philosophy. First, he decided to adopt organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard without using synthetic products and herbicides. In the winery, he decided to focus on non-interventionism, relying on indigenous yeasts and abolishing all invasive processes such as filtrations, clarifications and stabilizations. The result speaks of wines deeply linked to local tradition and firmly to the territory of origin. Moscato "Wai," despite being made from a grape variety not particularly widespread in Oltrepò Pavese, still manages to tell the story of this fascinating terroir.

Moscato Frizzante "Wai" is a dry, mellow wine that comes from pure grapes of the same name. The latter are harvested manually and immediately arrive in the cellars to be vinified. First, the must obtained from the pressing of the grapes is fermented thanks to the native yeasts naturally present on the skins in steel. This is followed by a second fermentation in the bottle by which the bubbles will develop.

"Wai" Moscato Secco Frizzante has a slightly veiled straw-gold colour wrapped in a lively and persistent bubble. It presents a very aromatic olfactory profile, with sensations of yellow fruit, citrus peel, orange blossom and orange blossom, and a yeasty note closure of brioche bread. The sip flows with great agility, light-heartedness and cheerfulness; it is enjoyable and juicy, marking a very distinct aromatic freshness. As an aperitif or for the everyday table, it is a sparkling wine from the irresistible beva!


Brilliant straw yellow


Agile, fresh, dry, drinkable and harmonious


Lively, delicate, notes of yellow-fleshed fruit meet white flowers