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Moscato d'Asti 'Sourgal' Magnum Elio Perrone 2023
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Moscato d'Asti 'Sourgal' Magnum Elio Perrone 2023

Perrone Elio

The "Sourgal" Magnum is a Moscato d'Asti d'autore: a sparkling white wine that encapsulates all the aromatic pleasantness of Moscato. Fresh scents of lychee, citrus and yellow peach follow each other on the nose and palate in a sweet and elegant taste, supported by a lively freshness




Moscato d'Asti DOCG


Moscato Bianco 100%


Alcohol content

5 %


150 cl Magnum


Soft pressing to use only the aromatic part of the grape juice, then fermentation in autoclaves

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


"Sourgal" is the Moscato d'Asti that Elio Perrone produces from a vineyard of extreme quality within an area devoted to the traditional making of fine sweet wines. The bellied, dark bottle is now a hallmark of the winery, a more fun approach to wine.

Elio Perrone's Moscato d'Asti "Sourgal" comes from the pure vinification of the best-known and most widespread aromatic variety from the splendid vineyard that gives the label its name. On the top of a hill near the village of Castiglione Tinella, in that part of the Asti Langa that runs along the right bank of the Tanaro and is so characterized by Moscato Bianco, at an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, the vines thrive on predominantly sandy, draining, east-facing soils. Harvesting is done manually between late August and early September, with sorting of the bunches already in the vineyard. Winery operations are characteristic of this type: soft pressing to extract only the aromatic part of the grapes and cleaning the must of sediment and impurities, with subsequent storage at a very low temperature until frothing, which takes place in an autoclave. Fermentation proceeds until 5% alcohol by volume unfolds, with a potential of 12.7% and a sugar concentration above 50 grams per litre. Bottling is conducted under sterile isobaric conditions because of the need to preserve the fizz.

Elio Perrone's "Sourgal" is lively and brilliant, a bright straw-yellow colour veined with youthful green highlights. Unmistakably varietal on the nose, it impacts with intense peculiar scents of orange blossom and acacia flowers, proposing riper notes of yellow-fleshed peach and the balsamic vegetable hints of sage grass. The taste is sweet and well harmonized by a subtle and persistent freshness that lightens its body and invites pleasant drinking. An elegant Moscato, which typically goes well with pastries and parties, but can surprise with supplements to savoury snacks consisting of local cured meats, homemade bread and vegetable quiches. Try it in the elegant Magnum format!


Lively and bright straw yellow


Sweet and balanced, fresh and elegant, the pleasant acidity relieves the body


Fresh hints of litchi, pear, citrus peel, grapefruit and peach