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Perricone 'Capoarso' Pellegrino 2022

Perricone 'Capoarso' Pellegrino 2022


The Perricone 'Capoarso' from the Pellegrino winery is a rustic, juicy red wine produced in western Sicily. The nose expresses notes of berries, violets, spicy and balsamic hints, while the palate is rich, savory, with a nice tannic texture. Perfect for Sunday lunch as an accompaniment to meat or vegetarian entrees




Terre Siciliane IGT


Perricone 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Long maceration at controlled temperature until completion of alcoholic fermentation


At least 5 months in steel and barrique

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Perricone 'Capoarso' is a very tasty and flavorful Sicilian label produced by the extensive Pellegrino estate, a historic winery now led by the sixth generation of the Pellegrino family. There are three main estates where the family vineyards are located: one in Marsala, where the eponymous fortified wine is produced, another in the Agro Trapanese, the westernmost strip of Sicily, and a third one in Pantelleria, the famous volcanic island located off the coast of North Africa. Through these fascinating territories, the descendants of the Pellegrino family continue the tradition started in 1880 by their ancestors, always with a keen eye towards environmental sustainability.

Pellegrino Perricone 'Capoarso' is produced with pure Perricone grapes from various vineyards in western Sicily. The plants grow on clayey soils rich in mineral substances, located at 50 meters above sea level in a hot and windy climate characterized by significant temperature variations between day and night. Following the harvest, usually starting from the second decade of September, the grapes are crushed in stainless steel tanks for alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature, accompanied by a long skin maceration. The subsequent aging period lasts for at least 5 months and takes place partly in steel and partly in oak barrels.

Visually, the 'Capoarso' Perricone by Pellegrino reveals an intense red color with bright reflections. From the glass emerge pleasant aromas of small red fruits and flowers such as rose and violet, which anticipate complex spicy nuances and balsamic hints. On the palate, it is savory, juicy, and pleasantly rustic, with a good tannic texture that contributes to the overall structure of the wine.


Deep red with bright highlights


Rustic, juicy, with a good tannic texture and a slightly savory finish


Notes of small red fruits, hints of rose, violet and slight spicy undertones