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Red Angel Jermann 2021
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Red Angel Jermann 2021


Red Angel is a red wine made from grapes Pinot Noirs from Friuli Venezia Giulia, aged for 12 months in oak barrels. It is distinguished by delicacy and elegance, from the seductive and subtle bouquet of berries and herbs to the clean, fresh and fruity taste




Venezia Giulia IGT


Pinot Noir 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


12 months in French oak barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Red Angel from the Jermann line is a typical and interesting expression of Pinot Noir from Friuli. Its first vintage of production dates back to 1988, a thirty-year period where a constant qualitative growth of the wine has been denoted, also thanks to the wise dialogue between modernity and tradition implemented by the winery. The name of Jermann is one of the best known and most famous among wine enthusiasts. While it is true that it all began in 1881 when Anton Jermann, a winemaker who had moved from Austria to Friuli, decided to continue his business in Italy, the real turning point came around the 1970s when Silvio Jermann took over the winery, bringing it to the top of Italian wine production and making it world famous. Today the family's holdings number about 200 hectares, but the Jermanns' credo has remained the same: love and respect for their land using organic farming practices.

Red Angel comes from southwest-facing Pinot Noir vines resting on characteristic soils called "Ponca," which are rich in minerals. After the selection of the best grapes and fermentation, the wine ages 12 months in small barrels and tonneaux of French oak. The contribution of the passage in small wood takes the form of a greater richness of the wine's aromatic spectrum, which is enriched with mouth-watering and spicy nuances.

Red Angel red wine shows in the glass with a soft ruby red colour typical of Pinot Noir. The nose is a patchwork of different sensations, ranging from a jovial vinosity to far more complex herbaceous and spicy touches. The picture of completeness outlined on the nose is also found on the palate, where the liquid is expansive and welcoming and is enlivened by a steady supply of salt and freshness. Masterful interpretation.


Pale ruby red


Delicate and elegant, fresh and fruity


Typical fruity notes of raspberry and blackberry with light green veins