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Ribolla Gialla Anfora Gravner 2014
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Ribolla Gialla Anfora Gravner 2014


The Ribolla Gialla by Gravner is a majestic interpretation of the famous white grape variety: an orange wine born in Georgian amphora with long maceration and aged in cask for 6 years. Aromas of dried fruit, resin, withered flowers and aromatic herbs emerge from a plot of great body and extraordinary richness. A monumet of Collio!

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Venezia Giulia IGT


Ribolla Gialla 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation for 7 months on the skins in terracotta jars. Without filtrations


Some months in terracotta jars and 6 years in big Slavonian oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Amphora Wine, Natural, Orange Wine

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites
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Gravner's Ribolla Gialla is an orange wine of undoubted personality, a monument of Collio, specifically of the locality called Oslavia. A wine above all classifications, beyond all conventions and pre-established schemes. It all starts from the natural forces of the place, where the skilled craftsman Josko Gravner works. An environment where the plant is in balance with nature and animals and insects enhance the vitality of the soil, cultivated according to an agricultural approach that aims at the search for biodiversity and natural balance.

Ribolla Gialla grapes come from cultivation that goes above and beyond organic and biodynamic dictates. The winery, immersed in a magical environment where the essential reigns, receives the bunches that have reached perfect ripeness and integrity. Spontaneous fermentation takes place inside Caucasian amphorae, wisely used as true amplifiers of natural transformations, to bring out what Mother Earth can bestow through the grapes. The duration of maceration in contact with the skins is prolonged and allows the amount of sulfur dioxide to be drastically limited. The wine, after being pressed and racked, rests 5 months again in amphora and then ages 6 years in large oak barrels. The long sojourn is intended to elevate the wine toward full maturity, achieved only with the experience accumulated by aging the wine for a long period. It is a wine that does not remain still, but continues to evolve; it is living, pure matter that takes time!

Gravner's Ribolla Gialla Anfora shows an intense, impenetrable amber color to the eye. On the nose there is the smell of Collio, the one that the grapes have stored and that is told faithfully through the glass. Thus, ample and layered sensations of aromatic herbs, including sage, oregano and rosemary, take turns; notes of apricot, peach and wilted flowers, combined with intense sensations of beeswax, candied citrus, tree resins and anise. The unusual yet exciting tannicity noticeable on the palate is due to the very long maceration on the skins carried out in amphora. On the palate it shows a three-dimensional body, full and deep, endowed with a vital freshness and a valuable balsamic memory that recall maritime environments and evergreen forests. It climbs up the highest peaks of imagination, making it impossible for you to descend again. Prodigious expressive summit.


Amber yellow with natural residues


Full-bodied, intense, rich, complex and materic, with pleasant tannins, fresh and mineral aromas and a very long persistence


Notes of herbs, resin and candied fruits with hints of apricot, peach and dried flowers