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Ribolla Gialla Damijan Podversic 2020
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Ribolla Gialla Damijan Podversic 2020

Podversic Damijan

Elegant, full-bodied and bold, Podversic's Ribolla Gialla comes from a slow process of vinification on the skins for 90 days and aging in large barrels for 36 months. The bouquet is intense, pleasantly ethereal and spicy with a deep, powerful and balanced palate with appreciable freshness and savoriness. A hymn to Collio! 

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Venezia Giulia IGT


Ribolla Gialla 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


The fermentation takes place in the presence of the skins in conical oak vats for at least 60-90 days


In 20 and 30 hectoliters barrels for 36 months and then 12 months in bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Macerated on grape peel, Orange Wine, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Damijan Podversic's Ribolla Gialla is unanimously one of the greatest Italian white wines, an authoritative witness to an extraordinary area and a philosophy of thought. Damjian Podversic is one of the best interpreters of wine in Italy, an unquestionable talent who, in spite of his younger age than many of his colleagues in the area, was able to establish himself immediately through interpretations of adamantine purity. Only one great master, the legend Josko Gravner, who was able to shape Damjian's forma mentis without harnessing it, however, so much so that the liquids of the two winemakers have distinct and recognizable styles. Maceration on the skins, never invasive, and full ripeness of the grapes are some of the cornerstones on which Podversic's viticulture is based, and his Ribolla in particular is an ode to the area that is hard to forget.

Ribolla Gialla wine is made from pure grapes of the grape variety of the same name, from vineyards located on Mount Calvary resting on Ponka soils (Opoka Marl/Arenaria) at 140-180 meters above sea level with southern exposure. In the vineyard, no chemicals are used and only a little copper and sulfur are used to help, while in the cellar are used only spontaneous fermentation in oak vats and maceration on the skins for about 60-90 days. The liquid ages for 36 months in 20- and 30-hectoliter barrels, and then for 12 months in bottles.

Podversic's Ribolla Gialla presents itself in the glass with a bewitching luminous amber hue. A very broad nose of disorienting complexity and declined on hints of ripe peach, hazelnut, herbs and citrus zest, which moves iridescently and dynamically. On tasting, the liquid reveals its powerful displacement, and invades the palate taking possession of it. An immense wine, with a persistence that cannot be quantified in seconds. Cyclone.


Intense yellow with golden reflection


Elegant and deep, substantial but never heavy, with deep and pleasant minerality


Intense and ethereal bouquet, with pleasant notes of herbs and delicate fruity notes