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Rosato Frizzante 'Wai' Tenuta Belvedere 2022

Rosato Frizzante 'Wai' Tenuta Belvedere 2022

Tenuta Belvedere

The "Wai" Rosè is a juicy, light and delicious semi-sparkling wine from Pinot Nero of Oltrepò Pavese that is obtained from a second fermentation in the bottle according to the ancestral method. Notes of small red fruits, flower essences and intense notes of yeast and bread making frizz from an effervescent and cheerful foam, thirst-quenching and of marked freshness

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Provincia di Pavia IGT


Pinot Noir 100%

Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation in steel with indigenous yeasts for 7 months and fermentation in the bottle according to the ancestral method

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


"Wai", produced by Belvedere Estate, is a sparkling rosé wine from the beautiful hilly area of Oltrepò Pavese. It is made from Pinot Noir grapes, a red grape variety that has found a second home in this territory. Sparkling sur lie, according to the principles of the Ancestral Method, allows the noble Burgundy varietal to bring out its profile of aromatic finesse and characteristic expressive elegance. Its aromas of berries and its fresh and intense sip provide a lively and vivacious drinking experience, very suitable to accompany light hors d'oeuvres or a platter of tasty local cured meats.

The sparkling wine "Wai" is produced by an interesting artisanal winery in Oltrepò Pavese. Tenuta Belvedere is located in the hills of Montecalvo di Versiggia and covers about ten hectares. Soils of clay and limestone of Eocene origin and a cool, breezy climate provide ideal conditions for growing vines, particularly Pinot Noir. Young winemaker Gianluca Cabrini has set his sights on environmentally friendly viticulture geared toward producing thorough and expressive wines. Chemicals are banned in the countryside, and only copper, sulfur and organic fertilization are used. The result of this approach translates into sincere and authentic wines that faithfully reflect the terroir without the need for too much winemaking mediation.

The sparkling rosé "Wai" is produced by Belvedere Estate from Pinot Noir grapes vinified in rosé with brief press contact to extract only a minimum of colour and the characteristic aromas of the grape variety. Refermentation takes place in the bottle using the Ancestral Method without a subsequent dégorgement. In the glass, it is slightly veiled pink in colour, with a soft, light mousse. The bouquet is reminiscent of raspberry, currant, small berries, citrus nuances, floral hints and typical hints of bread crust and yeast. The palate has an exuberant and lively attack, with a pleasantly fruity mouthfeel that closes on savoury and refreshing sensations.


Intense and slightly veiled rosé with lively foam


Quenching, fruity, effervescent, fresh and carefree cheerfulness


Notes of berries, earthy hints, floral fragrances and hints of yeasts and pastries