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Rum Don Papa (Packaging)

Rum Don Papa (Packaging)

Don Papa

Don Papa is the excellence of Philippine rum: a distillate of sugar cane from the island of Negros aged for 7 years in American oak barrels. Notes of honey, vanilla and lots of candied fruit chase each other in a long, intriguing and enveloping taste




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


7 years in American barriques


The superb and revolutionary Rum Don Papa arises from the Philippine culture of luxury and from the memorable exploits of the hero from which it takes its name. “Papa” Isio, the local nickname of Dionisio Magbuelas, was the Philippine Revolution leader that was responsible for the liberation of his countrymen by Spanish and independence of the country in the late 19th century. The strong and independent personality of “Papa” Isio can be perceived by tasting that rum in his honor, through the multifaceted sensory experience that it gives. 100% produced in the Philippines, in the fertile soils of the southern Negros island, that rum has a fine selection of raw materials: the sugar canes are the finest and sweetest in the world. Then, it is aged for seven years in American oak barrels at the foot of Mount Kanlaon, the largest active volcano in the Philippines. The Rum Don Papa ca be distinguished thanks to its delicate aroma that explodes in soft and rich flavors, which are persistent on the palate as a sweet memory. Result of an ancient craftsmanship, that spirit is coal filtered, a process that ennobles it, depriving it of tannins and impurities. Great to taste alone, pure, in all its imposing personality, it is great to be tasted experimenting its potential, mixing it with cola or in a daiquiri.




Soft and delicate notes of vanilla, honey and candied fruit, long and intriguing at the end


Light and fruity aromas of vanilla, honey and candied fruit