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Rum Pyrat XO

Rum Pyrat XO


Il Rum Pyrat XO esprime lo spirito piratesco dei mari del sud e dei Caraibi. Nasce da una selezione di rum invecchiati per almeno 15 anni in botti americane e francesi, con finitura in botti che hanno contenuto liquore all’arancia e che conferiscono al distillato i tipici aromi agrumati




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


At least 15 years in American and French oak barrels, with a final aging in barrels ex-orange liqueur


The Pyrat XO is the result of careful selection of the best Caribbean rum long-aged in the magical lands of the south, in the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla. Distilled in pot stills in the best tradition, this rum is recognized and is distinguished by the rich taste, full-bodied and complex, due to the long aging process (some of rum used were aged over 40 years) in barrels imported from major regions wine and specially chosen. The time, care, attention and careful selection makes this product really interesting. The Pyrat XO is a blend Caribeno selected and aged at least 15 years in barrels of American and French oak. Its bottle is a perfect copy of the bottles found in the Caribbean on pirate ships of 1800, and in tribute to the true spirit pirate, each bottle is adorned with the image of Hoiti, the patron saint of the bartenders. It has a pronounced amber color and the nose is unmistakable scent of oak with fragrance of orange, nuts and dried. The taste is broad and is expressed with a captivating mix of oak, vanilla, orange and brown sugar. The mouth with all his strength and fades very slowly.


Bright amber


Soft, strong, beautiful persistence


Pleasant notes of caramel, honey and vanilla