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Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Metodo Solera
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Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Metodo Solera

Santa Teresa

Il Rum “Solera 1796” di Santa Teresa è una delle massime espressioni di rum del Venezuela. Caratterizzato da un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo, nasce da una selezione di rum invecchiati con metodo solera dai 4 ai 35 anni in botti di rovere francesi. È complesso, ricco, corposo, dolce e suadente




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Between 4 and 35 years in oak barrels, then in a Solera Method French oak barrels from Limousin


Rum "Solera 1796" is produced by Santa Teresa founded in 1796, the undisputed bastion of quality of distillation. In 1996, to celebrate its two hundred years of life has marketed and researched this particular product, one of the few rums produced by the technique called Solera. It is obtained by mixing rums aged between 4 and 35 years in French oak barrels: the young wine blends with the oldest wine in order to ensure a consistent product from year to year. The first is used to update and awaken the second, while the older wine increases the depth and quality of younger wine. The Santa Teresa 1796 is the ultimate expression of the art of rum from Venezuela. It 'a great rum elegant balance. And 'rich and complex, sweet and refined, with a full body and tones of tobacco and spices. Deep copper color, approached the nose gives off a light scent of ripe fruit and prune, accompanied by notes of vanilla in the background. Rich and complex, sweet but very refined, firm and clean on the palate, medium to full body with a light tone of wood, tobacco and spices. The pleasant scents last long with a long finish.


Gold, with amber reflections


Sweet, warm, intriguing, rich, spicy and with a good persistence


Intense, fruity and spicy, of dried fruits, noble woods, vanilla, leather, cinnamon and sweet spices