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Sherry Oloroso Secco 'Gobernador' Emilio Hidalgo

Sherry Oloroso Secco 'Gobernador' Emilio Hidalgo

Hidalgo Emilio

The Sherry Oloroso "Gobernador" is a dry fortified wine from Jerez. It comes from Palomino grapes and is aged in oak barrels using the Solera method. The nose is rich with sensations of coffee, cocoa, candied fruit and nuts. The flavor is very pleasant, smooth, concentrated and intense, with a very long finish

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Palomino 100%

Alcohol content

18.5 %


75 cl Bottle


In small oak barrels according to the Solera method, with an average aging of more than 12 years old

Filosofia produttiva

Oxidative Style

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Emilio Hidalgo's Sherry Oloroso Secco "Gobernador" is a Spanish fortified wine in an oxidative style, which is produced in the heart of Andalusia, in Jerez de la Frontera. Classification under the term Oloroso is given to wines with particularly intense aromas and a very rich structure. It is made from the Palomino grape variety, the most widely grown in the region. The wine is aged for a long time using the Solera method so that it can acquire aromatic complexity and harmony of taste. It is a wine that captivates with its smoothness and an evolved and broad aromatic spectrum, reminiscent of toasted notes of dried and candied fruits.

The "Gobernador", Sherry Oloroso Secco, was born in one of Jerez de la Frontera's most famous historic Bodegas. Emilio Hidalgo has been making wines in this sunny corner of Andalusia since the mid-19th century and still has its headquarters in the historic centre of Jerez. Viticulture in this region has a history dating back thousands of years. The hot, dry climate, the proximity of the sea, and the chalky albariza soils, which are draining and able to retain the little water available, allow the cultivation of a few native varieties that have adapted to the difficult climate: Palomino, Pedro Ximenes, and Moscatel. At the end of fermentation, the most delicate wines are classified as Fino or Manzanilla. They are fortified up to 15% and age protected by flor. The more full-bodied and intense wines, on the other hand, are fortified up to 17-18% and age in the oxidative environment, without the protection of the flor veil, which with such a high percentage of alcohol cannot survive.

Emilio Hidalgo's Oloroso Secco "Gobernador" is a classic version of this great Jerez wine. It ages in oak barrels using the Solera method for a dozen years. For bottling, the wine is drawn from the barrels that sit at the bottom, which are then cascaded from those in the upper levels of the pyramid. The glass, it has a rather dark and bright amber colour. The bouquet releases intense aromas of dried fruits, candied citrus peel, nuts, dark chocolate, coffee and bitter cocoa. The sip is warm and enveloping, with extraordinary aromatic richness, stretching harmoniously toward a finish of great flavour persistence.


Deep amber


Intense, smooth, with a final bittering with shades of walnut


Intense aromas of coffee with dark chocolate, roasted nuts and a slight tinge of iodine