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Spumante Extra Dry non filtrato 'Crudoo' Giorgi

Spumante Extra Dry non filtrato 'Crudoo' Giorgi


Giorgi's "Crudoo" is a spumante named for the fact that it is unfiltered. Cloudy to the eye, but no defects, as it has simply not been processed. The nose expresses notes of fresh fruit and delicate, fragrant hints of bread. Harmonious on the palate, with fine and persistent perlage.




Pinot Nero 80% e Chardonnay 20%

Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


12 months on the lees in steel tanks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The unfiltered Extra Dry Spumante "Crudoo" from the Giorgi winery is a fair and forthright sparkling wine interpretation of Oltrepò Pavese. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the vines that, brought to maturity towards the end of August and the beginning of September, give us as a result, a wine without frills and processed in such a way as to keep alive and faithful the typical characteristics of the union between microclimate, the hand of man, vine and soil.

Giorgi's unfiltered "Crudoo" Spumante Extra Dry is a wine from limestone-clay soil. The grapes are harvested in boxes by manual selection in order to maintain a high standard of grape quality. Brought to the winery, the process begins with a soft pressing of the fruit, followed by fermentation of the must inside the autoclave, following the Charmat or Martinotti method. After about a year of ageing on the lees, bottling is carried out without applying any filtration or clarification techniques.

Giorgi "Crudoo" Extra Dry Spumante is a cloudy and intense straw yellow unfiltered with its fine perlage and lively persistence. On the nose, the mosaic of aromas is broad and elegant, where notes of fruit such as apricot and peach go hand in hand with the aromas of bread crust and vanilla berries. Once brought to the mouth, the bubbles caress the palate, making the sip intense and cheerful. Intrepid freshness dresses as the star, making this sip of great harmony and coherence overall. A sparkling wine that, to movie lovers, immediately brings to mind Mel Gibson's historical performance in Braveheart, where he plays the role of Scottish hero William Wallace, also known as Fearless Heart. I would give the same definition to this wine, capable of sustaining an entire meal without embarrassment or fear.


Straw yellow turbid since the choice not to filter the wine


Balanced, with fine and persistent perlage


Notes of fresh fruit, especially apricot and tangerine, and hints of vanilla and delicate bread crust