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Syrah Golan Heights Winery Yarden 2020

Syrah Golan Heights Winery Yarden 2020


The Syrah from Israeli winery Yarden is a full-bodied, structured red wine from grapes grown between 600 and 900 m above sea level, aged for 18 months in barrels. The aroma profile is rich in fruit and sweet spices, such as plums, chocolate and vanilla. The taste is soft, full and persistent. Kosher Wine




Syrah 100%


Alcohol content

14.5 %


75 cl Bottle


18 months in small oak barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Israeli Golan Heights Winery Yarden's Syrah is meant to trace the territorial expression of a land rich in complexity. The soul of Israel's Golan Heights is embedded in the taste and aroma of the wine flowing from it. All of this is told through the levels of excellence related to monovarietal, which are produced only in the most promising vintages. Yarden operates a viticulture designed to enhance terroir expression, which is also achieved through a series of studies conducted in the field. Technology is combined with nature, and what results is only high quality. Yarden Syrah is a red wine with sure appeal, rich in complexity and history.

Yarden Syrah Golan Heights Winery Yarden comes from vineyards located in Golan Heights. They are located at an altitude ranging from 600 to 900 meters above sea level. Golan Heights Winery's vineyards are divided into specific blocks that are individually monitored and processed. Therefore, the harvest takes place separately for each of them. Winemaking will also follow its own independent course according to the individual plots, which are then blended upon completion. The Syrah ages for 18 months inside small oak barrels. Like all of Yarden's signature single-vineyard labels, Syrah is produced only in favourable vintages.

Golan Heights Winery Yarden Syrah presents a deep ruby red colour in the glass. Its bouquet opens with a fruity array of berries and plums, toasted chocolate and vanilla, and a distinctive spicy trait of the variety. The taste envelops with a soft and full sip, well played on the balance of components and the aromatic complexity that confirms the character perceived on the nose. It is a wine with a deep personality.


Ruby red


Soft, full and persistent


Hints of berries and plum with hints of chocolate and vanilla