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Tequila Reposado Patron

Tequila Reposado Patron


The Tequila Reposado by the Patron distillery ages for at least 2 months in oak barrels. The freshness, salinity and fruity aromas of fresh agave blend harmoniously with the delicate sweet and spicy notes due to aging. Perfect for creating rich and surprising Margarita




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Weber Blue Agave


At least six months in oak barrels


Reposado Tequila Patròn is considered by industry experts to be among the best ever. The distillery's origins are very old, although it was only in the late 1980s that it was revamped and true international marketing began. The production process begins with the selection of the best Weber blue agave plants grown in the highlands of the Jalisco region of Mexico, characterized by mineral-rich volcanic soils. Only the plants that have reached adulthood are cut by hand to obtain the heart, the precious piña. After cooking in old brick ovens, the agave juice is macerated and fermented. This is followed by the next stage of distillation in traditional stills. Before bottling, the Tequila ages for at least two months in oak barrels.
Patròn Distillery's Reposado Tequila is a perfect version for those who are used to drinking young white Tequila and want to start learning about the world of aged versions. The brief passage in wood, in fact, enriches the classic bouquet of the tequila while maintaining its basic characteristics. To the eye, it has a beautiful clear and bright color with light amber highlights. Elegant and refined, it has a bouquet that expresses the typical fragrance of freshly cut agave, floral and vegetal nuances, aromas of white-fleshed fruit, citrus, hints of vanilla and delicate spices. The palate is soft and rich, with fruity and honeyed aromas, accompanying toward a fresh and lingering finish.

Intense and brilliant amber


Elegant, soft, enveloping, extremely fine


Notes of citrus, fresh fruit and honey, with a floral finish