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Vermouth Rosso Controcorrente

Vermouth Rosso Controcorrente


The Vermouth Rosso by Controcorrente is the result of a red wine made from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes infused with botanicals such as thyme, helichrysum and rhubarb. It gives a strong and intense flavor, soft and bitter, with resinous, spicy and mentholated memories. To be tried in mixing or smooth as an aperitif, also excellent on cheese of good seasoning or dark chocolate




Pignola valtellinese 100%


Alcohol content

17 %


75 cl Bottle


Temperature-controlled alcoholic fermentation and second fermentation according to the Classic Method


24 months on the lees

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Controcorrente's Vermouth Rosso is the most classic and traditional version of the great Piedmontese spiced wine, created at the end of the 18th century by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in his artisan workshop in the heart of Turin. A recipe that can look back on thousands of years of history, from ancient Rome to the Middle Ages and modern times. Its flavour has made it successful not only in Turin but throughout Italy and the world. Its rich, vinous and satiating sip, characterised by balsamic and bitter notes, contributed to the birth of the aperitif ritual as a social and convivial moment that still accompanies our evenings.

Controcorrente's Vermouth Rosso spiced wine is a tribute to the best traditions of Turin, with the desire to create a spiced wine with a typically Mediterranean, sunny and maritime character. It is made with a noble red wine from the Venetian cellar of Daniele Piccin. It is a classic red wine from Valpolicella, made from a blend of grapes native to the area: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. The production process consists of a patient infusion to extract all the scents and flavours from a series of carefully selected botanicals. In particular, thyme, helichrysum and rhubarb are used for the recipe. The infusion is enriched only with alcohol and sugar to maintain its natural purity and eliminate the bittering agents of some herbs.

Controcorrente's Vermouth Rosso expresses all the aromatic scents one can breathe in a while walking among the shrubs of the Mediterranean scrub. It is bright ruby red in colour and offers intense aromas characterised by spicy notes, citrus peel, aromatic herbs, hints of pine resin and balsamic sensations on an intense and pleasant vinous background. The palate is rich, full-bodied, soft, and enveloping, with a long, lingering sip and a slightly bitter finish. It is perfect for enjoying neat or on ice or preparing classic cocktails.


Bright red ruby


Intense, aromatic, smooth, astringent and with a very long persistence


Aromatic notes of sweet and oriental spices, aromatic herbs, memories of resin and mint