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Vitovska Zidarich 2021
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Vitovska Zidarich 2021


Still white wine, full bodied and intense, with fruity and floral perfumes and a savory mineral taste, aged for 24 months in oak barrels.




Venezia Giulia IGT


Vitovska 100%


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation and maceration on the skins in open vats with punching down more than native yeast daily.


24 months in medium and large barrels of Slavonian oak

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Spontaneous fermentation without yeast inoculum, controlled maceration on the skins with the must, no clarification, just a little bit of sulfur before bottling: this is the Vitovska of Zidarich, rich of neat wildflowers and fruit scents, while the palate is taut and sharp, perfectly dry, with a savory finish. A rich and complex wine, flagship of the winery's production of Benjamin Zidarich, capable of this red terroir, the result of millennia oxidation of aluminum and iron, to express character, personality and depth. A wine that shows perfectly the merits and capabilities of Zidarich, an extremely talented winemaker, who has built from scratch starting from the knowledge and love for his land, the Carso. Only in this way was able to give birth to a wine, Vitovska, perfect expression of a territory incredible and magical as that of the Carso. Hectares of vineyards that give origin to wines Zidarich have increased over the years, but has not changed their management, based on the most rigorous naturalness. In this way Zidarich has chosen to enhance the essence of the stone and vines, with the use of a viticulture careful and extreme in some cases. Vitovska of Zidarich encapsulates all this: the hard work in the vineyard and winery, the rock of the Carso, the red soil typical of the terroir of these areas, which gives flavor and minerality to this elegant and amazing wine.


Intense golden yellow


Fresh, fruity and persistent


Scents of flowers, white fruit, tangerine peel, herbs, cloves, loquat with smoky and mineral notes