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Vodka Belvedere - 100cl

Vodka Belvedere - 100cl


Belvedere is the most famous Polish vodka in the world. It is produced from rye Dankowskie with a traditional process of quadruple distillation, without adding additives or flavorings. Delicate and enveloping hints of almond and vanilla enliven a round, rich and velvety sip




Alcohol content

40 %


100 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva



The Vodka Belvedere was created in Polmos Zyrardóv, Poland, and still is distilled with the mastery of once delivered in time through methods that date back to 600 years ago. Awarded a gold medal at the Annual Vodka Masters, is produced from the finest raw materials: the rye "Dankowskie Gold Rye", grown exclusively in the Polish region of Mazovia, which takes a particular sweetness along with a strong character and round. The water used for the Belvedere are pure, extracted directly from deep artesian wells two kilometers and then filtered eleven times; Water plays an important role because the purity ensures excellent quality in elegance and sweetness. Distilled four times, offers a scent reminiscent of vanilla. In the mouth, the attack is soft, with a thin, enveloping feeling velvety; the heart is warm and inviting. The final note is clear, sharp, clean through the use of a single precious ingredient. An original vodka, fine and classy.


Clear and bright


Clean, round, creamy and silky, with pleasant almond aromas


Fresh and delicate, with scents of vanilla, white flowers and white pepper