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Vodka Ciroc

Vodka Ciroc


The Vodka Ciroc is a French spirit made from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes, produced with 5 distillations. Because of its soft, round, dry and pleasant character it is considered as one of the clearest, cleanest, most refined and modern vodka in the world. In a word: elegant!

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


The word Ciroc is a combination of two French words: tops, which means the top and roche, which means rock. The word evokes the Gaillac region, home of the highest vineyards of France. The Ciroc is a vodka only under different points of view: first for the ingredients, in the second place for the production process. It is different from the others because vodka is produced using exclusively French grapes: the Mauzac Blanc (their district Gaillac) and Ugni Blanc (Cognac region). The realization of this particular vodka also provides for the maceration and cold fermentation of the grapes, techniques of production of wine and vodka. But the vodka is part of the world of distillates and in fact in this case the preparation obtained is subjected to a series of distillations, subsequently is added the alcohol of grapes and a final distillation is carried out, for a total of five passages (reported clearly in the bottle) in distillers discontinuous copper. The result is a premium vodka, taste particularly soft and round on the palate it is dry on the finish of each sip.


Transparent and crystalline


Soft, creamy, fruity, with a pleasant aroma of extreme elegance and refinement


Pleasant fruity, with a finish very fine of spicy