Vodka Grey Goose

The Grey Goose is a famous vodka synonymous of luxury and elegance, produced in France, in the Cognac region, starting from winter wheat subjected to 5 distillations. It has a subtle floral scent and a soft, clear and clean taste with delicate almond nuances

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Winter wheat from Charente




Poitou Charentes (France)

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70 cl Bottle - no original package

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Vodka Goblet
Vodka Goblet

The goblet for the Vodka is narrow to reduce the contact area and concentrate the flavor profile in a most suitable area for the nose


The Vodka Grey Goose is considered among the best vodka in the world. One would expect that both of Russian nationality or Polish, instead it is a French vodka, distilled in the Cognac region, following an ancient traditional method. Its main ingredient, unlike the usual, is the cereal with which it makes the best bread in France and to keep his secret is not a distiller but even a Maître de Chai, as with the famous brandy. The story of the Grey Goose begins only in 1997 with the invention of the billionaire and marketing expert Sidney Frank, who decided to use the winter wheat of the Charente. To help us have the climate and soil, as important ingredients for this vodka pure grain that is produced with the water extracted from the source French Genté Springs and skillfully distilled five times. This is a fundamental operation to ensure and preserve the softness and purity which is marked. Once the vodka was drunk so cold to "break down" a certain roughness of taste but this is a very elegant spirit, that does not deserve the treatment of -18, -30; is to drink just refreshed, not ice.

Colour Clear and bright

Scent Pleasant and purposes notes of flowers and vanilla

Taste Soft, elegant, great taste, delicate

producer: Grey Goose

Distillati principali
Foundation year
Master distiller
François Thibault
1 Route de Laubaret - 16130 Gensac-la-Pallue (France)