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Whisky Single Malt Quarter Cask Laphroaig

Whisky Single Malt Quarter Cask Laphroaig


The Whisky Laphroaig's Quarter Cask is a Single Malt from the island of Islay, unfiltered and double-aged with use of the small cask Quarter Cask. It is smooth and velvety, rich in delicate smoky, sweet and fruity hints, with a deep, intense, complex taste



Alcohol content

48 %


70 cl Bottle


In American oak barrels, then in smallers casks called Quarter Casks


The Single Malt Whisky "Quarter Cask" Laphroaig is born and grows old expertly for years on the island of Islay, wet Atlantic Ocean, the cornerstone of the distillery. The cured distillation at every stage, starting from the water coming from Kilbridge Dam, the malting process (part happens at the distillery), the choice of the barley and peat brackish which gives the finished product unmistakable aroma, are just some elements that make the whiskey Laphroaig unique. In addition to the careful work of man, the whiskey is shaped by the particular oceanic climate with winds, rains, storms and storm surges as well as the sweet influence of the calm sea in the days of full sun. From 1815 Laphroaig is produced in the same place with the same special care imposed by the brothers Johnston in past decades. After 6 years of aging whiskey Quarter Cask is transferred to a smaller barrel that allows for more interaction decided by the wood. The maturation is faster but especially intensify the fragrance: in this way after 8 years are obtained the characteristics of an 10 year but with a volume in the highest alcohol, maintaining a young heart barley. The use of a barrel with dimensions smaller than normal (called "quarter") provides a greater contact between the distillate and the oak barrels; the result is a soft and velvety taste which has not lost the hallmark of Laphroaig. On the nose the smell of peat embers blends with the smell of salt air and the sweetness of toffee and caramel with hints of coconut and banana. The palate is full-bodied and complex with the smoke that quickly gives way to a very delicate sweetness. The finish is long and dry with notes of smoke and spices.


Amber, with gold highlights


Full-bodied, complex, with delicate smoky notes, dry and persistent


Notes of salt and sweet, with a finish of coconut and banana