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Whisky Single Malt No Aged Yoichi Nikka - 70cl

Whisky Single Malt No Aged Yoichi Nikka - 70cl


The Whisky Nikka's No Aged Yoichi is a Japanese single malt of great elegance, balance and smoothness, matured in oak barrels of varying ages. The aromas, sweet and fresh, are characterized by good savoriness and live peatiness




Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Barley malt


Undeclared; some years in typical Hogshead barrels of different ages, built with oak from the island of Hokkaido


Single Malt No Aged Yoichi Nikka is an elegant and fine Japanese Whisky with a particularly soft and balanced profile. It is produced by the most famous and important distillery in the Rising Sun, which, over the course of not even a century of history, has managed to carve out a place of absolute prestige in the world Whisky scene. Yoichi Distillery is the oldest and most renowned distillery in Nikka, founded in 1934 on the island of Hokkaido above an underground water source between the Sea of Japan and the mountains. Raw materials of excellent quality, the fine art of Japanese distillation, already the heritage of sake producers, and special care for the processes of maturation in wood have enabled Nikka to offer labels of absolute quality.

Single Malt No Aged Yoichi Nikka Whisky could not exist without the figure of Masataka Taketsuru, who is credited with introducing Whisky culture to Japan. Born into a family that had been making sake for generations, Taketsuru undertook a journey to Scotland to discover Whisky, even stopping to work in some distilleries in the Highlands. Upon his return to Japan, he possessed all the knowledge he needed to start making Whisky. He chose the green and pristine area of Hokkaido to begin his adventure. The crystal clear spring waters, quality malt and peat completed the picture of this little corner of Scotland transferred to the other side of the world. Today the Nikka distillery is known worldwide, and its spirits are prized by connoisseurs for their refined elegance and extraordinary clean expression.

Whisky No Aged Yoichi Nikka is a Single Malt made with the highest quality barley malt and careful distillation in traditional copper Pot Still stills heated over a direct fire with natural charcoal. In the glass, it has a golden yellow colour, bright and intense. The olfactory profile expresses fragrant aromas of ripe yellow fruit, soft nuances of tropical fruit, aromas of cedar and citrus peel, and hints of vanilla on a pleasantly malty background. The entry on the palate is soft and enveloping, with elegant and refined aromas, stretching very harmoniously toward a fresh, savoury finish with slightly smoky sensations. This is a very elegant Single Malt with just the right balance of fruit, savoury freshness and light peatiness on the finish.


Intense golden yellow


Elegant, with a beautiful personality, very tasty and persistent


Hints of dried fruit and yellow fruit with a spicy finish