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Whisky Single Barrel Select Jack Daniel's

Whisky Single Barrel Select Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's

The Whisky Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is a Tennesse Whisky sourced from rigorously selected casks. It has soft aromas of peach and vanilla and a dry, full-bodied taste with long finish and spicy, peppery notes on the finish



Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle


4-7 years in a single barrel chosen personally by the master distiller


Single Barrel Whisky represents the excellence of the entire range made by Jack Daniel's, a world-renowned production reality located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. In fact, only one cask out of 100 is selected by the master distiller for the ageing of this Whisky, which immediately presents itself with a noteworthy level of quality. A label characterized by a particularly dry sip, which offers a range of full-bodied and complex aromas on the nose.

The Jack Daniel's distillery is characterized by its artisanal working methods and the use of raw materials of the highest quality. In fact, corn, rye and barley malt is imported with great care from different nations in the United States, as they start mainly from these elements to develop fine Whiskies. The production process follows the traditional recipe behind Tennessee Whisky, where, at the end of the processing stage, the distillate is filtered through hard maple charcoal so that the final product is softer before the maturation stage. Maturation for this Single Barrel is done exclusively in a single cask, carefully chosen by Jack Daniel's "master distiller."

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Whisky presents itself to the eye with an intense and fascinating hue reminiscent of the colour of amber. Sweet spices, wood and fruity hints help define an olfactory profile that develops with delicacy and elegance. On the palate, it is strong-bodied and powerful, with a bite marked by a dry flavour; it finishes with a remarkably persistent finish. A bottle that is always savoured with great pleasantness, never tiring the palate, but rather inviting drinking: perfect for spending an after-dinner in absolute relaxation.


Deep amber and elegant


Sturdy and snug, dry, nice length and persistence


Hints of peach and vanilla, with a finish of oak and spice