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Wines from the extreme western coasts: the Atlantic character of Galicia
Region Galizia (Spagna)
Foundation Year 2005
Address Aldea a Adro, 11 - 36639 Cambados, Pontevedra (Spagna)

In the beautiful landscape of the Rias Baixas, the artisanal winery Albamar makes authentic, sincere and genuine wines with an almost exclusive focus on Albariño, a great indigenous white grape variety that has become synonymous with winemaking in Galicia. The winery is based precisely in Cambados, where in 2005 the young Xurxo Alba Padin took over the family's winemaking heritage, dedicated to the production of rather simple wines destined for the family restaurant, and raised the quality of production dramatically. Right from the start, Xurxo set himself the goal of faithfully interpreting the territory while respecting the well-being of plants, soil and the environment in general.

Bodega Albamar's vineyards rest on soils consisting of granitic sand and benefit from the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, whose sea currents strongly influence the area's climate. On these pedoclimatic assumptions, Xurxo breeds according to the traditional pergola system called "parra" predominantly Albariño, alongside which other native grape varieties such as Caiño, Espadeiro and Mencia find their place. Some of the vineyards in the O Salnes area can then boast the presence of centenarian vines rooted in free-range and, in general, the agronomic conduction embraced by the estate follows the principles of organic farming, thus excluding the use of any synthetic chemical. Likewise, Xurxo's winemaking approach is highly genuine, non-interventionist and never invasive. With this in mind, fermentations are entrusted exclusively to indigenous yeasts and the use of additives and oenological aids is banned, sometimes even excluding the addition of sulfites.

The expressions produced by Xurxo Alba from Bodega Albamar convey the marine, brackish and fresh essence of the Rias Baixas, regardless of whether it is the more classic Albariño 'Albamar', the lively Albariño Frizzante 'Ancestral' or the fine Albariño 'Sesenta and Nove Arobas'. Completing the range is the juicy red wine 'O Esteiro,' produced in Ribeira Sacra, an inland area of Galicia.

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