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Altea Illotto

Authentic Sardinian expressions
Region Sardegna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1992
Vineyard hectares 5
Address Altea Illotto Azienda Vitivinicola, Via Don Minzoni, 12 - 09040 Serdiana (CA)

In Southern Sardinia, exactly within the municipality of Serdiana, 20 kilometers north of Cagliari, the small winery Altea Illotto produces spontaneous and genuine expressions exclusively from local grape varieties. At the helm of the winery are husband and wife Maurizio Altea and Adele Illotto, strongly intent on reflecting themselves and their territory in the wines they produce. Maurizio is purely in charge of the agronomic aspect while Adele is responsible for both the agronomic and the oenological side. The estate was born in 1992, although the real oenological passion emerged in 1997, when Maurizio and Adele built the winery where they were able to bottle their first labels in 2000. The driving force behind Altea Illotto's production has always been the desire to make wines using artisanal and sustainable methods. The estate is also dedicated to quality olive growing in the Oristano area.

The Altea Illotto winery has 5 hectares of vineyards located within the small Sibiola IGT appellation, where Maurizio and Adele raise the indigenous varieties Cannonau, Carignano, Monica, Muristellu, Girò and Barbera Sarda for the black grapes, and Nuragus, Nasco, Vermentino, Moscato and Malvasia Sarda among the white grapes. The soils on which the vineyards stand, located at about 170 meters above sea level, consist of white soils composed mainly of clay and marl, where an agronomic conduction based on the principles of organic farming, adopted since 1993, is applied. With this in mind, no synthetic chemicals are used, and sustainable agronomic practices such as green manure and temporary grassing are adopted to promote soil fertility. Harvests are carried out strictly by hand with careful sorting of the grapes, which are then transferred to the winery where fermentations take place spontaneously. In fact, Adele and Maurizio refuse to use selected yeasts so as not to alter the singular expression of the terroir.

The labels of the Altea Illotto winery, made from blends of indigenous grape varieties, reflect with authenticity the territory of Serdiana, with its Mediterranean scrub and sea breezes.

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