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A wine artisan from Valtellina
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2002
Vineyard hectares 3.5
Annual production 15.000 bt
Address Boffalora di Guglielmo Giuseppe, Via Balzarro, 48C - 23012 Castione Andevenno (SO)
Oenologist Giuseppe Guglielmo

The Boffalora winery is located in the Valtellina Superiore area and its wines reflect a passion for the territory and family traditions. The owner, Giuseppe Guglielmo, started out as a beekeeper  and launched the winery in 2002, with the first wines produced in 2009. The winery's name derives from the toponym of one of the estate's main vineyards and is a reference to the winds: in Valtellina, the Breva rises from Lake Como during the day, while at night the Tivano descends in the opposite direction.

Boffalora's three hectares of vineyards are located in Castione Andevenno, in the village of Balzarro, at an altitude of 350-700 metres. Some of the vines, such as the Canovi variety, are centuries old and ungrafted (the vines and roots belong to a single plant), with the rows perpendicular to the valley. Other younger vines, on the other hand, are planted using the contour ploughing method, with the rows running parallel to the valley. The vineyards are managed using the principles of integrated pest management. The added value of the area of production is the biodiversity, created naturally thanks to a non-intensive viticulture. This has allowed the coexistence of different natural habitats and various ecosystems, such as the forest, favouring a balanced development of vital processes. Giuseppe still keeps several beehives above the vineyards: the bees help the grapes ripen well, as they dry them out when wasps and hornets do damage, preventing them from rotting.

The Boffalora winery is located in an old stone farmhouse and has two levels: the upper floor is used for vinification, while the lower floor, completely underground, is used for ageing the wine in wood. With its complex and intriguing wines, Boffalora is undoubtedly one of Valtellina's most interesting producers in recent years.

"Svolgo il lavoro solo in modo manuale e naturale sia nei miei vigneti, che nella mia cantina, perché credo fortemente che la Terra e l’Uomo siano un’unica dimensione e il principio alla base di quello che sono, e di quello che faccio è: il pieno e totale rispetto della Natura"

Giuseppe Boffalora

The wines of Boffalora