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Bonaventura Maschio

Artisanship and innovation: the symbol of Made in Italy grappa
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1903
Address Via Vizza, 6 - 31018 Gaiarine (TV)

The Bonaventura Maschio company has become a symbol of Made in Italy products in the world thanks to the Prime Uve brand, which was launched in the 1980s. Despite its success, it has maintained its artisan nature and close connection with family tradition. The history of the company is in fact closely linked to that of the Maschio family, from its very beginnings. Originally from Cismon del Grappa, at the end of the 19th century the Maschio family worked as itinerant distillers, earning a living by carrying their stills and distilling marc house to house. After years of extreme poverty and a brief emigration to Hungary and Romania, the family returned to Italy and settled in the village of Gaiarine, a stone's throw from the Piave river. Here Antonio Maschio founded his distillery, although it was his nephew Bonaventura who brought an entrepreneurial breakthrough, creating Bonaventura Maschio in 1903. Today, after more than a century, which has seen the succession of several generations, the distillery is run by Italo Maschio, with the help of his sons Anni and Andrea, who joined the company at a very young age.

The company's long-standing commitment to a revolution in quality distillation led to the idea of using grape must rather than grape marc, creating a grape distillate that is both innovative and of great quality, the Prime Uve. This grape distillate, which has been regulated by law only since 1984, belongs to the family of fruit distillates and therefore maintains the aroma and scent of the original fruit. The distillation process takes place in stills which are connected to huge copper bowls. In these large containers, the must is cooked in a bain-marie and then transformed into steam which passes through the copper columns of the discontinuous still, where it cools and finally flows out as a pure and crystalline liquid. The grappas are also aged in barriques, in the same barrels that previously contained the wine from which the marc originated.

After great commercial successes, Bonaventura Maschio has not stopped innovating and experimenting, continuously involving itself in projects and initiatives such as the creation of scholarships and the promotion of the grappa lifestyle. The great quality of the products, which offer magnificent and refined aromas, has made the company an icon of the best Made in Italy products in the world. This unique artisanry successfully combines family traditions with an innovative spirit, great success and outstanding, classic labels.

"Il vero segreto è l’immaginazione. È riuscire a cogliere le sfumature che mi emozionano in un frutto, in un territorio o in una storia per poi riuscire a concentrarle in una gocciolina trasparente. Una grande acquavite nasce nella testa del distillatore"

Andrea Maschio
The grappas of Bonaventura Maschio