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Cantina del Vermentino

Fragrant and intense wines, typical of the Gallura terroir.
Region Sardegna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1956
Vineyard hectares 600
Annual production 3.000.000 bt
Address Cantina Sociale del Vermentino, Via San Paolo, 2 - 07020 Monti (OT)

Cantina del Vermentino was born in 1956 in Monti, one of the most ancient and suited place for wine of Sardinia. Today the winery counts 200 members and the vineyards extend in the territories of Gallura, in the municipalities of Monti, Telti, Olbia, Loiri Porto San Paolo, Berchidda and Calangianus.

Among these common vineyards stretch over medium hill between 350 and 500 meters, on soils of granitic breakdown, in an area highly exposed to winds, also brackish ones, can greatly mitigate the summer heat.

Spearhead of a major production is definitely the Vermentino di Gallura, which can give unique wines of great personality and territorial connotation these lands. Harvest after harvest the consistent quality of the winery never fail to demonstrate the importance of the work in the vineyard and in the cellar before then.

Today most of the production of Vermentino comes from specialized vineyards recently planted with espalier or otherwise supported and partly from vineyards cultivated in the traditional sapling: a great attention is paid to both types of farming and systems pruning, which add to the grape Vermentino its typical organoleptic characteristics.

Cantina del Vermentino was confirmed as a very important cooperative in Sardinian wine scene, able to give fragrant and intense wines, typical of the terroir of Gallura.

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