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Château Lapelletrie

The balance between man and Nature near Saint Emillon
Region Bordeaux (Francia)
Foundation Year 1929
Vineyard hectares 12
Annual production 65.000 bt
Address Château Lapelletrie, Lapelletrie - 33330, Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes (Francia)

Chateau Lapelletrie is a family winery in Bordeaux based in Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes, a stone's throw from the beautiful village of Saint Emillon. An ancient and particularly vocated land where some of the world's most important expressions are born, capable of defying time and providing true emotions for every wine lover. At the head of the property we find Anne Biscaye, a young winemaker, who inherited the winery from her grandparents and wanted from the beginning to apply her philosophy of thought, encapsulated in the motto "never alone." In fact, Anne believes that wine is sharing and the fruit of teamwork in which people work in synergy with the nature. Organic farming, the biodynamic approach, the presence of beehives and fruit trees, which grow luxuriantly among the plots, are all methodologies to establish a better balance with the environment. Anne's idea is to find harmony with nature in order to produce wines that reflect the land where they are born.

In the Chateau Lapelletrie stands an oak tree over 300 years old that is a witness to its ancient history. We are located on the heights of Saint Emillon where the soil has a limestone composition mixed with red clay that rests on a rocky base. The vines grown are predominantly Merlot and Cabernet Franc, in keeping with tradition. To preserve the naturalness of the wine, human intervention is minimized in the winery and the grape juice is allowed to become wine. Fermentations are therefore spontaneous, yeasts are indigenous, and invasive processes such as clarifications and filtrations are banned. Aging takes place in used barriques or cement.

The wines of Chateau Lapelletrie are rich in personality and character and embody the young and calm spirit of the vigneron. They are red wines of great richness and spontaneity, able to be appreciated right away, but also to evolve over time, thanks to good freshness and a beautiful tannic texture. An unconventional face in a land of legendary red wines!