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Clos de Mez

The new wave of Beaujolais
Region Borgogna (Francia)
Foundation Year 1911
Address 69820 Fleurie, France

Clos de Mez is a winery run by Marie-Élodie Zighera, who is part of the nouvelle vague of Beaujolais vignerons. A generation that has been able to enhance this historic French wine region with quality-oriented work. Known abroad until a few decades ago mainly for Beaujolais Nouveau, the territory has grown a lot and has been able to highlight the particularities of its crus, with a range of wines that improve year by year. A true renaissance that has profoundly changed the image of Beaujolais worldwide, which is now able to offer great wines. Marie-Élodie Zighera's estate is located in Fleurie, in the northern part of the region, in one of the most prestigious and highly rated Beaujolais appellations for the elegance and finesse of its wines. It is a young entity, established only in 2006; previously, in fact, the grapes were given to other wineries in the area.
Beaujolais is located south of Burgundy and is home to a dozen Appellations, highlighting its different facets. It is a rather complex region in terms of soil composition. In the northern part, soils are mainly composed of granite, with the presence of porphyries, schists and diorites. In the southern area, however, the soils are limestone-clayey in nature. The climate is perfect for vine cultivation, sunny, mild and always windy. The orientation of the large Beaujolais vineyard faces and east and southeast, protected by a hilly area from the disturbances coming from the west. The two most widely grown vines are Gamay and Chardonnay, two grapes typical of this area of France, both of which derive from the spontaneous crossing of Pinot with the ancient Gouais blanc vine, brought by the Romans and once among the most widely grown in all of central Europe.
The Clos de Mez estate is fortunate to have parcels in the prized Fleurie and Morgon crus, among the most famous of all, and above all to also have old vines, which are between 50 and 80 years old, capable of producing grapes of excellent quality and aromatic concentration. The Fleurie area is particularly prized for its wines of extraordinary finesse, marked by floral aromas and delicate fruity flavors. Morgon, located immediately south of Fleurie, is characterized by soils generated by the decomposition of granite and schist rocks, which give wines of great fruity richness, very harmonious and balanced. Careful work in the vineyard and careful vinifications, made with percentages of whole cluster grapes or also using carbonic maceration, allow Marie-Élodie Zighera to make labels that express the characteristics of the terroir very well.

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