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Del Maguey

All the different flavours of artisanal Mezcal
Region Oaxaca (Messico)
Foundation Year 1995
Address Calle Macedonio Alcalà, 403 - 68000 Oaxaca de Juarez

The Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal distillery is an original Mexican Mezcal producer. It was founded in 1995 by the famous Californian artist Ron Cooper, who, after a trip to Mexico, fell in love with the Oaxaca region and its people. He decided to embark on a new adventure and start producing Mezcal in an artisanal way, following the most ancient traditions of the area. This project was created to revive and enhance the traditions of the Oaxaca region, which is Mexico's most famous area for the production of this spirit. It differs from Tequila in its production area, the variety of agave used and the production process, which continues to be based on the artisanal methods used in past centuries.

Mezcal Del Maguey is created with the involvement of the Mexican producers Zapotec, who are based in the south of the country, in the villages of Oaxaca and Puebla, and who guard the secrets of Mezcal production handed down from generation to generation. The labels of Mezcal Del Maguey are designed to reflect the experience and peculiarities of the region's different terroirs, highlighting the unique characteristics and revealing a range of interesting features that depend on the customs of a small community, the soils, the variety of agave, the methods and times of processing. It is a range of bottles that clearly differentiates itself from the now standardised industrial production, drawing on the ancient artisanal expertise of the past.

With a particular production approach, Del Maguey has helped to preserve the cultural heritage of knowledge and experience of the small producers of Oaxaca. It has paid particular attention to aspects of conserving the natural balance of the environment, through reforestation initiatives designed to preserve the wild agave ecosystem and avoid any form of intensive exploitation of resources. The same commitment has been made on a social level, encouraging improvements in the living conditions of local communities through education programmes, job creation and the use of renewable energy. Mezcal is produced in an environmentally sustainable way that protects ancient traditions. The use of wild agave varieties, such as Tobala, Tepextate, Jabali, Wild Espadin and Karwinskii, or semi-cultivated agave varieties, such as Arroqueño, Barril, Madrecuixe and Papalometl, allows the production of Mezcal with a truly authentic taste. The Single Village Mezcal collection offers Mezcals that are produced in 12 different villages, each uniquely and inimitably expressing their local traditions.