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The rum agricole symbol of the rebirth of Martinique
Region Martinica (Caraibi)
Foundation Year 1651
Address Plantation de la Montagne Pelée - 97250 Saint Pierre, Matinica

Depaz is a French style rum agricole produced in Martinique, a Caribbean island, from the far 1651. The distillery is located at the foot of Mont Pelee and in 1917 was the only one to be rebuilt after the terrible volcanic eruption of 1902 , which made thousands of victims and destroyed the 19 existing distilleries at west of the volcano. Today its plantations stretch over 400 hectares and the volcanic terroir guarantees organoleptic richness to its unique products.

Depaz distills a wide range of rums with a typical French style Creole column. Real peculiarity of its rums are the sugar cane used, type 'blue', considered among the most desired in the world thanks to the extraordinary nature of their sugar and their characteristic fresh scent, almost luxurious. The distillery produces its rum in limited quantities and proudly holds the enviable French name AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) that guarantees the high standards of excellence. Among its products, we recommend the intriguing and fresh Rum Vieux Agricole Plantation Depaz, aged at least seven years in oak barrels. Depaz has managed to become the symbol of the rebirth of an island: perhaps it is also about its extraordinary rum.

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