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Domaine Wicky

A small craft business in Sainte Agnès
Region Jura (Francia)
Foundation Year 2003
Vineyard hectares 4.5
Oenologist Christelle Wicky, Gilles Wicky

Domaine Wicky represents a small winemaking entity in the Jura wine region run in a genuine and artisanal manner by Mr. and Mrs. Wicky, Gilles and Christelle. We are in Sainte-Agnès, a village located between the municipalities of Beaufort and Lons-le-Saunier on the southern side of the region, a place where Gilles and Christelle embarked on their own beautiful adventure in the world of wine in 2003. Despite a few vintages in which climatic events compromised the harvest, the Wicky couple never gave up their philosophy based on respect for the environment and biodiversity, never resorting to substances that could harm the ecosystem.

Domaine Wicky has 4.5 hectares of vineyards planted with traditional Jura grape varieties, namely Savagnin, Chardonnay, Trousseau and Poulsard, varieties cultivated according to the principles of certified organic farming on soils rich in clay-limestone marl. Harvesting is done strictly by hand, and a minimalist winemaking approach prevails in the cellar. With this in mind, fermentations, which take place in stainless steel tanks, are entrusted exclusively to the yeasts present on the berries and in the winemaking environment, with the absolute exclusion of any additives and enological aids. Aging, on the other hand, takes place in small French oak barrels of several passages, sometimes always filled according to the ouille style and sometimes partially drained under the veil of flor yeasts, a traditional type of aging in the Jura that takes the name sous voile style, literally "under the veil." Sulfite additions are then nil or minimal, and the wines are bottled without undergoing any clarification or filtration.

As production is very limited, Domaine Wicky's wines are difficult to find, a pity given their high quality and authentic artisanal identity. In particular, what is most striking when tasting Gilles and Christelle's whites and reds is their energetic and very multifaceted personality, a reflection of the truest Jura. As the Domaine's most representative label we choose the Côtes du Jura 'Clos de Jerminy,' a white ouille not to be missed.