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Keber Edi

A symbolic winery of Collio Goriziano: wines born from the love and respect of the land and the vineyard
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)
Vineyard hectares 12
Annual production 45.000 bt
Address Keber Edi, Località Zegla, 17 - 34071 Cormons (GO)
Oenologist Edi Keber

Edi Keber is one of Collio's most important wine personalities. The Keber family is originally from Medana, now a town in Slovenian Brda, a few kilometers from the Italian border. Edi Keber was born in Cormons and has always been involved in viticulture, following ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation. The winery is located in Zegla, in a beautiful hilly area, and today it is run by the new generation, represented by Kristian and Veronica, who carry on the idea of making genuine, artisanal wines, based on grapes historically found in the land of Collio. Wines made in a simple way, with the intention of highlighting the characteristics of an extraordinary territory.
The territory of Collio is one of the absolute most vocated areas of our peninsula for viticulture and in particular for the cultivation of white grapes. Its success is based on very special pedoclimatic conditions. The vineyards are located in a hilly area with a particularly favorable microclimate. The area is protected from cold winds and disturbances coming from the northeast from the foothills of the Julian Pre-Alps. At the same time it enjoys the influence of gentle breezes from the nearby Adriatic Sea. The soils are of Eocene origin, generated by the uplift and outcrop of ancient seabed. The soils are composed of layers of limestone marls and sandstones that are very friable and rich in mineral elements. They are stony and very draining soils, very suitable for high-quality viticulture based on low natural yields.
Edi Keber's estate covers a dozen hectares divided into several parcels, located on the Zegla hill, considered a true cru of the Collio territory. The choice of grape varieties is consistent with the customs of the region. In fact, Ribolla Gialla, Istrian Malvasia and Friulano are grown. Agronomic management is very respectful of nature and avviane following the principles of organic farming, with use also of biodynamic practices. The healthy and genuine grapes are then vinified in a very simple way, using spontaneous fermentations with indigenous yeasts in steel tanks. The result is a blunt and direct wine, a pure expression of the Collio land.

"Edi Keber da tempo viene riconosciuto, senza dubbio alcuno, come uno dei più grandi e riconosciuti bianchisti d'Italia"

Guida Slowine 2023

Edi Keber's wines
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5 -@@-3-Bibenda
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4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS