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Enderle e Moll

Handcrafted wines from Germany
Region Baden (Germania)
Foundation Year 2007
Address Hauptstraße 9 - 77955 - Ettenheim (Germany)

Enderle & Moll is a young German company based in Münchweier, halfway between Strasbourg and Freiburg. It was founded in 2007 by Sven Enderle and Florian Moll, who met while completing their training in viticulture in Kaiserstuhl: Sven at the Bercher-Schmidt estate in Oberrottweil, and Florian at the Höfflin winery in Bötzingen. After various experiences in Germany and France, mainly in places where they had the opportunity to learn about biodynamic practices, they met again in 2006, when Sven had the opportunity to rent a few hectares of vines in the area above Münchweier.

The original core of the estate consisted of a small vineyard of 30 ares, located above the village of Münchweier in the beautiful Ortenau area. Today, the estate covers a total of 2.1 hectares. The area has a south-facing, very sunny exposure and is cultivated with Pinot Noir vines, which are approximately 25-35 years old. Other plots are located south of Münchweier and also include valuable old vines. The soils consist mainly of limestone rich in marine fossils, which gives the wines great elegance and expressive finesse. The climate is cool, sunny and always well ventilated, ideal for ripening healthy and genuine grapes that are aromatically rich and intense.

Since 2007, the winery has continued its activities until the most recent changes. In 2019, Sven decided to leave the estate and Géraldine, who had already been a partner for a few years and is now an irreplaceable presence, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, joined the staff permanently. In the same year, Maxence Lecat, a French cellarer with experience in Burgundy and Oregon, also joined the team. In just a few months, he has carved out an important role for himself in the production of the wines. The estate can rely on its own vineyards, supplemented by grapes supplied by Manfred Enderle and his wife Leonie, who own vineyards close to the estate. The collaboration has also led to the conversion of all the vineyards to biodynamic agriculture and a greater focus on vinification, which is carried out as simply as possible, to enhance the grapes and terroir.