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The potential of Piedirosso and Falanghina told by an ancient cellar of the Campi Flegrei
Region Campania (Italia)
Foundation Year 1926
Address Via Virgilio, 16 - Bacoli (NA)

Farro is a historic winery in Campania that has been aiming to enhance and recover the Falanghina and Piedirosso grape varieties, two autochthonous vines of Campania, for almost a century. The estate spans 10 hectares of vineyards, cultivated with organic farming practices, emphasizing environmental sustainability. Low yields, respect for the environment, and research activities are the features that have distinguished this winery located on the Phlegraean Peninsula. An experience that has matured over the years, born in 1926, and now comprises two properties: one in Cigliano, in the municipality of Pozzuoli, and one in Cuma, in the municipality of Bacoli. The soils of these historic and extraordinary lands are of volcanic origin, rich in ashes, lapilli, pumice, tuff, and various microelements, which have contributed to preserving the territory from the phylloxera attack (the great calamity that destroyed many vines in Europe in the second half of the 19th century). This allowed the vines to still retain the ancient original forms of cultivation, not grafted, known as "piede franco."

Since 1997, Michele Farro has been skillfully and masterfully directing the Farro winery, continuing the family's ancient tradition and adding a touch of innovation. He studies, researches, and plans, selecting the best grapes and monitoring all production processes, from vinification to aging. The varieties cultivated belong to the ancient local tradition. First and foremost, Piedirosso, an ancient Neapolitan red grape, also known as Per‘e Palummo because its grape cluster resembles the shape of a dove's paw. Falanghina, on the other hand, is a historic white grape variety of Campania, famous for producing fresh, salty, and light whites. Farro has chosen to harvest it late to demonstrate that this grape is not only capable of producing light and drinkable whites but, if treated correctly, can also reach high levels of complexity and expressive richness.

Farro wines are characterized by a pleasant fresh and distinctly mineral imprint, with a unique and highly personality-driven aromatic profile. The proximity to the sea allows the wines to acquire a territorial salty and marine note, perceptible both on the nose and in the mouth. The palate is characterized by an agile and fragrant sip, simultaneously pure and clear, like the sea that bathes these wonderful lands!

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