Gianfranco Fino

Gianfranco and Simona: the ambassadors of the "new" Puglia, a turn to the image of Primitivo di Manduria

The adventure of Gianfranco Fino begins in 2004, with the search of the vineyard prefect, who had to have special characteristics and unique. The research finds its end almost immediately, with the purchase of a small vineyard of primitive than fifty years of around 2 hectares, larger then with the cultivation of additional land rented.

Already this brief history would be enough to indent Gianfranco Fino the ranks of those growers linked to the traditions, eager to save the old vineyards and keep alive their specificity. His careful work and its great wines tell a thousand words: its Primitivo di Manduria is placed on an innovative area, which, while maintaining a traditional side traceable in the assembly of grapes from different vineyards, as is traditional in these parts, reveals a power and a body truly amazing. The most outstanding wines of Gianfranco Fino is in exemplary balance between structure, vein alcohol, acidity and flavor that make them significant and very important: in a word, great wines.

Today the vineyards of Gianfranco Fino, located in the countryside of Manduria and Sava, small plots are fragmented, with red earth and rocks occasionally protruding. Crops are generally made from very old trees, flanked by recently planted an experimental vineyard. Primitivo Es is certainly not only the excellence of its production, but also the view Pugliese; It is a wine that definitely filled the vacuum regional production of past decades.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
22.000 bt
Gianfranco Fino
Via Piave, 12 - 74028 Sava (TA)

"Just over ten years since the start of the adventure of Gianfranco Fino yet, in such a short time, he has managed to become one of the most renowned producers in Apulia in Italy and in the World"

Guida Slowine 2015
The Wines by Gianfranco Fino