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Cocchi Giulio

Myth and high quality: the elegant wines of the Belle Époque
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 1891
Annual production 300.000 bt
Address via Liprandi, 21 - 14023 Cocconato d'Asti

Giulio Cocchi represents a historic Piedmontese production company that has been making vermouths and traditional sparkling wines in the Asti area since 1891. It was Giulio Cocchi himself, a young Florentine confectioner who moved to Asti, who founded the estate, setting production on constant quality research, with an elegant and authentic style. He specialised in the elaboration of Moscato-based aromatised and sparkling wines, devising original recipes for Barolo Chinato, Aperitivo Americano and different types of vermouth. The ingenious intuition, far-sighted for the time, was to open authorised outlets where these drinks could be tasted, and the Cocchi brand became firmly established worldwide during the Belle Epoque period. Since 1978, the estate has belonged to the Bava family, wine producers in the Monferrato and Langa regions, who have had the merit of modernising and renewing processing techniques, always respecting the consolidated Cocchi know-how. All products are wine-based and even today the recipes, which make use of a selection of top-quality ingredients, are deeply rooted in tradition.
In the production of its Alta Langa sparkling wines, the Giulio Cocchi estate works with the renowned grape varieties of the appellation, namely Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, cultivated at around 250 metres above sea level. The ageing on the lees in the bottle for these Metodo Classico always vintages lasts at least 30 months, during which periodic manual remuage is carried out. Instead, for its Metodo Martinotti, the winery vinifies the local Moscato Bianco and Brachetto varieties, as well as the international Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with the mousse being taken in autoclaves according to type. Lastly, there are various aromatised wines, made using ingredients such as artemisia, cinchona calissaia, bitter orange, rhubarb, gentianella, quassio wood, cardamom, yarrow, peppermint, lemon, ginger, rose petals and coriander.
Whether Alta Langa, white or rosé, Brut or Pas Dosé, Charmat Method sparkling wines, vermouths or spirits, all Giulio Cocchi's products are characterised by their exceptional stylistic precision, ranking at the top of quality in their respective categories.

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