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Marsella Guido

One of the greatest producers of Fiano di Avellino and the white wines of Irpinia
Region Campania (Italia)
Foundation Year 1995
Vineyard hectares 25
Annual production 40.000 bt
Address Via Marroni, 1 - 83010 Summonte (AV)
Oenologist Carmine Valentino

Guido Marsella was one of the pioneers of the rediscovery and development of Fiano di Avellino wine and the Summonte area, which is now considered a cru that gives the wines a recognisable and distinctive style. After working as a building contractor for the family business, Guido, who loved the countryside, bought land in the Summonte area, in Iripinia, and founded the winery in 1995. He was the first Fiano producer to release his wines on the market a year after the harvest, in a mature state, inaugurating a new approach which was later taken by other producers. Today, backed by years of experience and prestigious accolades, Guido has chosen to wait two years after harvesting to release some of his wines, reinterpreting the territory in terms of aromatic complexity and longevity.

Guido Marsella's vineyards are in the Partenio Regional Park, at an altitude of around 600 metres. The hilly terrain, the high altitude, the clayey loamy soil, rich in volcanic elements, with a rocky structure, and the presence of favourable winds all contribute to the health of the vines, the preservation of environmental balance and low yields, in order to favour quality. This is one of the best terroirs for the cultivation of Fiano, a very ancient vine that has always been tied to the history of wine-making in Campania and to the traditions of the area, as well as Greco di Tufo and Falanghina. In the cellar, the grapes are destemmed and pressed and each process is carried out in steel, at a low temperature to always guarantee the clarity and aromatic purity of the wines. Ageing takes place on the lees in steel and can last up to 12 months.

Guido Marsella's wines are always elegant and expressive, with a concentrated and distinctly floral and citrus tone, with light smoky overtones. The very low yields per hectare, the selection of the grapes, the gentle processing in the cellar and the long ageing periods guarantee the high quality and unique evolutionary potential of the wines produced. Guido's style is clearly identifiable and territorial, focused on correctly expressing the native white grape varieties of Irpinia and of one of the most suitable and distinctive territories in Italy.

Si legge Guido Marsella ma si pronuncia Fiano di Avellino. Fu lui il primo produttore ad aspettare un anno prima di mettere in commercio il suo prodotto, tra la diffidenza generale. Un piccolo passo per un uomo, un grande balzo per la tipologia

Guida Slowine 2017

The wines of Guido Marsella