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Isle of Jura

A Great Whisky: the treasure of an isolated island and fascinating
Region Islands (Scozia)
Foundation Year 1810
Address Craighouse, Isle of Jura PA60 7XT (Regno Unito)

In Scotland, off the west coast, is an isolated island called Jura in Gaelic, which means 'deer'. If there are more than 5,000 deer on the three mountains of the island, the inhabitants rather soon exceed the number of 170; even George Orwell spent the last years of his life on the secluded farm Barnhill, finishing his famous novel 1984. The only city in this Jura is called Craighouse: it consists of a road, a pub, a shop, a community and, of course, a distillery.

The current Jura Distillery is located near a large eddy of water: it was built in 1963 on the ruins of an old distillery and earlier, according to the nineteenth century. The building was renovated thanks to two real estate developers, a builder and a funding bank's Scottish & Newcastle, with the aim of producing a delicate and lightly peated whiskey, similar to that of the Highlands, very different and better than brandy phenolic you then he is drinking in the Scottish islands. In 1974 he appeared the first bottle of "Isle of Jura Pure Malt 10 years old", still produced under the name "Origin", and in just a few years, thanks to an extraordinary success, production doubled, with the construction of new stills very large, slender and elegant, have become typical of the island of Jura. Come to produce 2.5 million liters of whiskey a year, the distillery uses since 1995 the successful collaboration with the world renowned Master Blender Richard Paterson. The Jura whiskey are colored gold or mahogany, with marked flavors of honey or spices and hints of peat missed.

Always of great value, depending on the product, they can be strong and full of character (as tradition), or sweet and delicate (the most modern productions). After aging for at least 10 years, surrounded by sweet sea breezes and a temperate and humid climate, the whiskey that bears the name of the Jura Distllery is a golden nectar capable of expressing the palate sensations finer and refined, a product must for all fans and lovers of the great Scotch whiskey.