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The ultimate bitter
Foundation Year 1934
Address Jägermeisterstraße 7, 38302 Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Jägermeister is one of the most famous brands in the world of spirits. There are many factors that have contributed to its unstoppable success: the unmistakable logo, the particular shape of the bottle, an inimitable taste based on an ancient recipe that has never been altered and, last but not least, an ability to publicise the bitter through communication campaigns that are always consistent, incisive and in step with the taste of the times. A long journey that has allowed the company to build a precise and recognisable identity, a clear positioning and widespread awareness in society. Today, Jägermeister is perceived as the bitter par excellence, and while many of its competitors have experienced brief periods of glory, this historic brand has never known a dull moment.

An achievement that perhaps no one could have imagined or predicted at the time of its birth. It is, in fact, a bitter created to toast and warm up after a hunt. Its inventor took many years to select the 56 ingredients that still form the basis of his recipe today. It all took place in Wolfenbüttel, a small town in Lower Saxony not far from Berlin. The Jägermeister logo is derived from an ancient legend. A hunter named Hubertus, famous for being particularly ruthless, was suddenly seized one day by a prophetic vision of a large deer with a cross between its antlers. The episode shook him so deeply that it shattered his certainties and from that day on he decided to change his life. Hubertus began to work to spread respect for nature and because of this he later became the patron saint of hunters.

Inspired by this legend, Curt Mast thought the story of Hubertus would be perfect to tell his bitter and decided to adopt the symbol of the deer with the cross as the company's trademark. The particular bottle, on the other hand, was born out of Curt's desire to find a robust package that could withstand shocks without breaking, especially during transport. After 80 years, the bottle has never been changed, a sign of a choice that has proved successful and a consistency that has rewarded its recognisability at first glance. Just as the logo and the bottle have remained unchanged over time, the contents too have retained their original character. The Jägermeister bitter is produced from the same botanicals and in the same percentages as the old recipe.

Jagermeister's spirits
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