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Johanna Cécillon

Following organic and biodynamic farming to make great cider
Region Normandia (Francia)
Foundation Year 1870
Address Domaine Johanna Cécillon, La Villime - 22250 Sévignac (FR)

Johanna Cécillon is a French artisanal producer based in Sévignac, in the Brittany region, the creator of ciders of exceptional authenticity and purity. Johanna's grandparents were already dedicated to the production and marketing of cider in La Grange aux Moines, where her father Joel Perrin still nurtures the family tradition. With passion and expertise, Johanna and her spouse Louis, a descendant of a long lineage of Rhône wine growers, decided to embark on the ambitious project of producing ciders of the highest quality that express the link with the ancient Celtic tradition, thus founding the Domaine Johanna Cécillon. The two personally look after the orchards and manage the entire fermentation process that leads from apples to cider.

The Domaine Johanna Cécillon comprises 11 hectares of orchards located within the communes of Sévignac and Trédias, cultivated according to sustainable practices that respect the environment. In fact, Johanna and Louis' entire production has long been certified organic and the two also adopt biodynamic practices to keep the plants and soil healthy, being Demeter certified among other things. The soils on which the plants grow vary their composition depending on the sub-zone: from shallow granitic soils for the 'Nantosuelta' apples to deep, fertile soils for the 'Divona' and 'Bélénos' apples. Harvesting is carried out entirely by hand from September to December, respecting the degree of ripeness of the fruit, which is then stored for a short period in order to allow ripening to progress further off the vine. Fermentation takes place spontaneously using only indigenous yeasts, and after a few months of maturation in oak barrels, bottling and a second fermentation in glass, without the use of sulphites, takes place.

The fine vintage ciders of the Johanna Cécillon production company display a pure character, with a taste that tends to be sweet and refreshing at the same time, which cannot leave one indifferent. The names of the bottles also recall Celtic deities, emphasising the link between the cider and this ancient people.