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Aromas, freshness and minerality of the wines of an authentic winemaker from the Isarco Valley
Region Alto Adige (Italia)
Foundation Year 1990
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 38.000 bt
Address Loc. Mara, 110 - Bressanone (BZ)

This small winery, managed by Peter and Brigitte Pliger, is located in the Isarco Valley, in the town of Bressanone. The farm Kuenhof from about 800 years wine area, where they produce wines of excellent quality, and about 200 years of family ownership Pliger. Kuenhof is a cru of less than 6 acres, where the vines, between 550 and 700 meters above sea level, are for the most part to the strong terraced hillside. The soils consist of clayey sands and shale, exposure to Southeast, dry climate and well ventilated make these vineyards the ideal habitat for the four white products: Sylvaner, Riesling, Veltliner and Terlano Aromatic. The "farm" Kuenhof, formerly owned by the bishop of Brixen, was purchased by the family Pliger by about 200 years. The grapes until 1989 were conferred the Abbey of Neustift and the first in its bottling takes place in 1990: 1,500 bottles of sun. In 1991 the family Pliger restores the old farm and completely restructures the cellar, to adapt it to modern needs. Towards the end of the 90 takes another important turning point in the life of this winery: the transition to organic farming. Peter decided five years ago to care for the family vineyards and since then, with curiosity and passion, has become one of the most beautiful Kuenhof reality of South Tyrol. All this while maintaining a clear sense of limits: only the hectares cultivated it to handle in the first person, because "I take care of my plants the only I, who know them one by one." In the cellar the wine is made according to the principles of organic production and natural, with no added sugar or sulfites: wines made from it, perhaps for the fantastic mix of soils, climate, vines and perhaps also for the adoption of the "Stelvin "(screw cap) for the closure of bottles, are minerals and flavoring and enveloping by young and attractive with some years of aging.

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