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Le Salette

From a vow to the Madonna to one of the best Amarone
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year Fine '800
Vineyard hectares 20
Annual production 130.000 bt
Address Via Pio Brugnoli 11/C - 37022 Fumane (VR)

Le Salette winery is located about twenty kilometers north-west of Verona, in the town of Fiumane and, since more than 150 years old, belongs to the family Scamperle. The company takes its name from the nearby sanctuary called La Salette, built in the late nineteenth century by local winegrowers as a votive offering to the Virgin Mary for having eradicated the phylloxera, which had infested their vines in those years. No doubt it was the American rootstocks, who arrived at that time to save the compromised vines, to solve the problems caused by the insect; allowing Scamperle family to continue their production of wine. Today, the winery is run by Franco Scamperle who, together with his sons Cesare and Giulia, let the vine prospers. This is demonstrated by the fact that the family Scamperle increase the extent of their vineyards, reaching a total of nearly 20 acres, all located in areas particularly suited for the production Valpolicella wine. The vines planted are typical of this area such as Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta, Molinara and Croatina. As in all family-run cellars, the work is intense, but is repaid by enthusiasm and love for the land and the constant desire to improve, thanks to the experience gained over the years. These elements contribute to the achievement of the excellent flagship of the winery, Amarone Vigne Vecie that, with its incomparable elegance and refinement, has won the favor of the lovers and connoisseurs of wine from all around the world.

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