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Le Verzure

In the natural beauty of the Siena hills, wines with a rural character
Region Toscana (Italia)
Foundation Year 2000
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 20.000 bt
Address Strada Maremmana 80 - 53016, Murlo (SI)

The Le Verzure winery is nestled between the rolling hillsides of Siena and has been shaped by winemaking culture since Etruscan times. In the year 2000, this family returned to its roots, wanting to realise its vision of hard work and sacrifice in exchange for the deep satisfaction that only the land could provide. Thanks to the continuous grazing of flocks of sheep that have kept the land clean and healthy, it has remained particularly alive and fertile over time. This was the foundation for the project, which was launched to foster a close connection between the vineyard, the land and man. The harmony and synergy between these three factors combines with the traditions of natural agriculture to create wines with a unique character and specific identity.

The wines of Le Verzure originate from the more than 6 hectares of vineyards divided between the Upper Vineyard and the Lower Vineyard, which produce several cru varieties of Sangiovese, and a small section dedicated to the Malvasia and Trebbiano varieties. The roots of these vines are firmly anchored in clayey soils rich in stones, which ensures a high drainage capacity, and they benefit from a climate that is facilitated by the presence of the Crevole and Ombrone rivers. The methods of cultivation used are as respectful as possible of the plants and not very invasive, designed to preserve the soil's fertility over time. This is why, after the harvest, the rows of vines are filled with legumes, medicinal herbs and graminaceous plants, thereby replenishing the soil while the vines rest. Every single process is carried out by hand and fermentation takes place only with spontaneous yeasts in this small world of biodiversity, surrounded by forests of cork trees and olive groves.

The Le Verzure winery is located just a few kilometres from the town of Montalcino and produces Sangiovese wines with a unique personality. There are different versions of Rossobruno, which is younger and more dynamic, as well as the more austere and complex ilBruno. Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes are represented by the BiancoAugusto, which is fermented and aged in terracotta amphorae. This winery offers an excellent interpretation of the Sienese spirit, with a wonderful view of Montalcino and its surroundings. It is a pleasant, peaceful and welcoming place, where a harmonious balance between the agriculture of the past and that of the future can be experienced.

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